What’s Ethical to you?

We are putting some Q & A to the designer & owner / director her self.

Hey treena!, so what is ethical manufacturing mean for you and burrows and co?

This is every think to me & my business i believe its the soul, the roots to our brand Burrows and co, where you’ve taking all the extra steps to product your product in a loving environment, its gives not only myself the biggest piece of mind, but all my customers, i guess you could say “ a senses of pride” knowing that your pieces of clothing your wearing, has been made ethically, by happy people, that are working in a supported and happy work place, that love being creative & really just love there jobs, are so proud of the final products they are producing, this just feels my heart so much!


You also are using eco friendly options in your swim & apparel lines, whats this mean for Burrows?

Again it’s just add extra step and maybe a little extra work to source the items some times, but its totally worth it. its brings you joy once you found them. i belive if you not going the extra mill to find the eco friendly fabrics or products that are not sarcrfizing the quality or your designs, your behind the 8 ball, we need to change our ways in every think we do on this planet and i really do enjoy the search to find the eco friendly products to use in manufacturing that may of been over looked before, an example we needed buttons for our apparel designs, and i didn't want plastic i wanted to use recycled coconut husk, but after sourcing them they where marking the fabric, so i did a couple of experiments like soaking them for three days, which didn't work and a tried a few other things, then finally i got some sanded back and naturally polish and that did the trick so now we have coconut buttons, we can use even if its white! its all about the mindful step you take.


What does a normal day look like in the office? 

My normal day is the full hustle packed juggling act, at moment but i must admit, I love being busy!  I try to kick start the day with some gym time, then coffee before I start my day, normally I would reply to customers email , organising that day's proioties list, ceck in with my Beautiful mother as she is running our warehouse atm, work on my Social media & other marketing strategies, checking new samples and patterns for next season the list goes on & on! As I'am currently running all parts of the business, my days can be very different & jam packed but I must say I'm very grateful i have the greatest family support & they all help me out in different ways & this just makes it all that little bit more special I feel x


Your new collection features soft feminine shapes and a beautiful colour palette, what inspired this range? 

Just that! To enhance the beautiful femininity & body shape, to work with them curves & design prints & colour ways to make skin tones glow, so we all fell beautiful in pieces we love & that come from a place of love.


What is your design process in creating your signature bikinis? How do you refine your patterns and colour choices?

I've always chased that prefect bikini, for bottoms that don't cut in to your booty & they give that double terrible bum look, I could never fine what I was after! so that's why I created my own designs, that work with curves & most importantly what I love and I feel confident & comfortable in. 


What has been your biggest “pinch me” moment since launching Burrows & Co?

It would have to of been when Vogue Britain rang me asking if they could Feature Burrows and co bikini's in their Summer Issue. That was pretty cool to know my designs had been viewed & picked by British Vogue editor team, an ahh moment as Oprah would say! 


Any secret spots in Bali we should know about? 

I'm mostly working when I'm over in Vali now, so I enjoy my spa days when I'm having a break, I love la beauty spa or Body works best facial ever, but if you want to escape the island for a few days, then I do love Gilli Air it's just magic stop to escape to, sorry no secret spots! 


What would be your advice to any entrepreneurial creators who want to start their own business/label?  

Passion in whatever your start up is, as You need that passion to drive you, when your in the mist of the full on hassle, with the tones of extra hours, your weeks you'll have to put in once you've got home from your 9/5 that passion will push you though & To believe in your self & your products, this is most important i think. For me Not only do I have passion & love for design but I really have passion to produce sustainable products and go that extra mile to get or make the Eco option work, and having my products made in a loving and mindful factory is just the cherry on the top for me! 

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