How I went Plastic Free

Ever since I was a kid, my mom taught us to throw our trash in the proper place because you would never want to trash your home, but me being plastic free is a different story.

It started August 2016. I was in Moalboal, Cebu for my 18th birthday. I woke up 5am to meet up with our boatman at White beach because I wanted to see dolphins. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t that good and I ended up waiting for the winds to settle down. Sitting on the shore, I saw a lot of plastic. It was such an eyesore! So much plastic scattered around the beach. I couldn’t take it, so I stood up and started collecting them. It made me realize that people (including me) consume a lot of plastic and most people are irresponsible with the plastic they consume. At that point, I have always been aware of my plastic consumption and promised myself to put social media to good use. I started cutting down my plastic. The first thing I gave up was plastic straws, bottles, bags and started buying sustainable clothing. It’s very challenging to be plastic-free, but very possible. This is a collaborative effort. In order to see change, we need to be the change. A little goes a long way. Our Earth is so beautiful and it’s worth taking care of.

I love Burrow’s & Co. because I honestly love printed bikinis. It makes me feel unique and one of a kind, but most of all they are sustainable and eco-friendly.

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